Process, Policy & Procedure

Provide expertise in documentation for policies, processes and procedures.


Develop and implement a training program designed for your business.

Data and Business Analytics

Create custom reports that focus on your business needs.

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Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 10AM - 4PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday and all Holidays.



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Customized Documentation

We will work with every client to create customized documentation for all policies, processes and procedures. We will provide you with style options for you to select and we unify all documents across the company with your brand.

Set up and maintain a knowledge base for easy access

Research and create policies and employee handbooks

Create a pre-employment guide and onboarding system to give new hires a great starting point.

Implement training guidelines and expectations with checkpoints for progress and feedback.

Create and implement a training program for each job class

Train and coach employees to train new employees, assist in training as needed

Help your company streamline processes and procedures to reduce or eliminate waste.

Identify relevant data to set KPI

Create & utilize reports to help identify defects, trends and forecast.

*Some custom reports are done through a business partner.

Hi! I'm Michelle Bergeron. For 20+ years I have found myself in positions that had either no training or no readily available resources and have had to "create" what I needed to do the job. In the process of creating the resources, I developed not just the documentation, but processes, knowledge base and training programs so that future employees did not have to struggle. In doing so I found a passion for helping create a firm foundation for new and existing employees. I am Lean Six Sigma Certified (#65885364), have experiences in building custom reports using SQL and Excel. My expertise include low voltage wiring, home security, inventory, and warehouse management, office operations and accounting. I started M. Bergeron Consulting to help businesses hire, train and retain their staff. I also run a non-profit to help our community (Grace, Gratitude and Giving). I have a passion for helping! In my spare time, I enjoy many (too many!) hobbies that include quilting, crocheting and knitting. I love to read and travel as well. I will give your business that hands on personal touch it needs to get it to the next level.